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SOS Surveying provides survey consultancy for industrial sites, large scale commercial buildings (including high rise), through to residential apartment buildings and house set outs.

SOS Surveying provides a broad and comprehensive range of services to the construction industry, land development, architects and engineers.

These include:

  1. Building set outs
  2. Title boundary re-establishment surveys
  3. Land Subdivisions
  4. Horizontal survey control including grid set out and co-ordination (including high rise)
  5. Vertical survey control
  6. As built surveys for design and post construction
  7. High precision façade and structural steel set out
  8. Lateral and Vertical monitoring surveys
  9. Pilling set out and as built surveys
  10. Drawing design and interpretation
  11. Internal building surveys
  12. Floor area surveys (structural and fit-out)
  13. House set-outs
  14. Feature Surveys (Site Analysis)
  15. Levelling Surveys
  16. Lease Area (PCA) Surveys
  17. Industrial (Dimensional) Surveying
  18. Road set-out
  19. Water infrastructure set-out
  20. Sewer infrastructure set-out
  21. Civil/Earthworks computation and set-out
  22. Survey Computation
  23. High Quality CAD Drafting
  24. Geotechnical set-out and as  built surveys
  25. Dilapidation surveys